OKsportas - the leading designer and supplier of padel courts in the
Baltic region

We supply and assemble padel courts in all of Europe!

Our top priorities are: High Quality, Innovation and Excellent customer service!

Welcome! We at OKsportas are a team of professionals who are passionate about spreading padel sport to more people, helping them stay active and healthy. We specialize in high-quality padel courts that are built to last.

We can promise you:

  • padel courts made of high-quality materials
  • affordable price
  • quick and diligent padel court assembly 
  • excellent customer service throughout the whole process 
  • innovative solutions to your requests

Specialists working in OKsportas, brought padel sport to Lithuania in the year 2014, and since then have been building padel courts all over Lithuania and other parts of Europe. Our padel courts have become increasingly popular in other Baltic countries, as well as Northern and Western Europe.